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  Welcome to Peachy Skeen! I'm Miki Skeen. I'm a Memphian. I'm a maker of crafts, parties, and friends.   
  I'm a mom. Like most parents, I'm a teacher. I'm also a teacher because I went back to school at age 30 to   
  pursue a degree in elementary education and I worked in public and private schools for the five years that   
  lead me to this... homeschooling my daughter. 

  At this point I need to confess two things.  First, I hate the term homeschool. However, student-centered, 
  teacher-facilitated authentic learning driven by my child's interest and abilities is more than a mouthful. 
  So, we're homeschoolers. 

  We. Are. Homeschoolers.

  Secondly, I need to disclose that I love being in the classroom. I love almost everything about it! I love 
  teaching and I love learning and I plan to one day return to a traditional teaching gig. But for now, I am 
  doing what my husband and I think is best for our child. 

Over the past couple of years, I have tried to keep up with blogging (I also kind of hate the term blogging, too) and decided it might be a great way for me to document this adventure I'm taking with my kid. Yes, I know, adventure sounds like a corny euphemism for this choice. However, if you are reading this and you are a homeschooler, you know the truth in that word adventure

I'm choosing to chronicle our adventures because I really want to archive our experience (and maybe I secretly want those friends and family to know what we do all day).  If you find something helpful here, hooray! I try to include helpful links to resources I use, which might include affiliate links, freebies or products, and materials I've created that are available on other sites.

Lastly, and possibly the most important reason for this little diary, I think somehow this blogging thing helps me to be accountable to my job... as a homeschooler.

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