November 4-H Meeting

All 4-H members are encouraged (not required) to complete the following activity and bring it to the next meeting. 
Create a menu for one meal that does not contain any food items that can be linked to bee-pollinated products. Don't forget to think about what your food might be eating before you eat it! Get creative with your menu design or think outside the typical menu format... have fun! 

During our November meeting we shared our food logs and examined some of the most popular items. Out of 30 different foods, there were only two ... 1, 2 ... T-W-O foods that we couldn't link to bee pollination! Since the November meeting got started a little late, we didn't have our 4-H Pledge challenge. We will make time for that during our December meeting. 

Our next meeting will conclude our exploration of human dependency on bees. When we meet in January, we will begin to discover more about honey bee biology and behavior. During the December meeting, we'll take a sneak peek at the symmetry of beehive construction and work on a project that combines a math and fine arts.