October 4-H Meeting

All 4-H members are encouraged (not required) to complete the following activity and bring it to the next meeting. 

Create a food log or journal that includes a week's worth of meals and snacks. It is not necessary for meals to be in the order consumed, just try to include seven different breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks in your log. We will examine our journals when we meet next month. Don't dwell on how healthy or unhealthy your food choices are. Everyone will have their fair share of both! There's a reason we're completing this activity during the month of October. 

During our October meeting, members shared their Community Bee Projects. I must say, I was impressed that all 4-H members in attendance had a project to share. The projects were even more impressive. Could this group bee any more awesome? I'm only gonna do it once.

The group divided into three teams to work together to analyze grocery items that do and do not require pollination and play a little memory game. We watched a couple of videos, including one about wolves. It might seem weird to learn about wolves in a bee club, but even our Cloverbuds could find a link between the two. These kiddos are so smart! We also practiced the 4-H pledge, which most of us need to work on. CHALLENGE: Memorize the pledge and motions by our next meeting and receive a treat! Now, check out the pics of those projects...
A diary written from the perspective of a Queen Bee
An illustrated journal entry
Posters about bees in the backyard
A Lego model of a neighborhood where bees are hard at work

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