Lesson Learned | 7

This week in outlearning: A roundup of some of our learning experiences:
  • Our family's first visit to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Total lunar eclipse of the super blood moon
Even on vacations, I always try to plan some educational experiences. This trip was an exception. In fact, this trip was an exception to my tendency to make very detailed plans. I threw caution to wind and we just had some good ol' family fun, no plans, just fly-by-the-seats-of-our-pants fun. I need a vacation from my vacation!

If you're interested in feedback about Harry Pottersville, you've come to the wrong place. I'm not a fan. [gasp!] That is not to say that I dislike all things Harry Potter, just that I don't get into it... like I don't get into Star Wars. [double gasp!] It was really fun for my Potterhead family, which made it fun for me! That's all I got.

We came home to a total lunar eclipse of a super harvest blood moon or something like that. Now, that was an exciting way to get back into our learning routine! It was a little disappointing that the sky was mostly cloudy, but we made the most of it. 

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