Lesson Learned | 6

This week in outlearning: A roundup of some of our learning experiences
  • Sewing lessons begin.
  • We forgot President Taft's Birthday. [gasp!]
  • The duck died.
  • A tree frogs died, too.
  • We left for Orlando
Is this the saddest list ever? It's not just because my pet duck died or that we lost a tree frog we've been raising from an egg, but where is the learning? I'm sure if I tried really hard, I could point out some life learning in there somewhere. I know I sure learned a few hard lessons this week. It's sometimes very hard to distinguish between livestock and pet. However, I'm going to call a spade a spade-This was the beginning of two very unstructured weeks.

Last year, JK decided that a theater group was the right activity. This year, she's switched to sewing and I think it's a great choice! Sewing classes at The Stitch School began this week, which was the highlight of learning. We love her sewing teacher and we're both really excited about all the practical things she'll be learning. It never hurts to incorporate practical skills into a learning routine!

Outside of sewing, I think I can call this week the beginning of our two-week fall break. I know, technically it was summer when the break started, but we did welcome autumn during our visit to Florida during the second week

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