Lesson Learned | 4

This week in outlearning: A roundup of some our learning experiences
Source: National Endowment for the Humanities

September 1st is 901 Day! We celebrated Memphis at the soup kitchen.

Our first 4-H Project Club Meeting

"If you build it, they will come."


September 4-H Meeting

All 4-H members are encouraged (not required) to complete the following activity and bring it to the next meeting
Create a record of how a honey bee might be working near your home. Your record can be a poster, timeline, short story, movie, or whatever format appeals to you. 
Bee creative! See what I did there. Don't forget, your record should reflect how a bee might be working in your part of the community. In other words, don't create a record of  a bee's life cycle or a history of colony collapse disorder. 
I did it again. Bee sure to incorporate your observations. If you live near a pumpkin patch, your record should reflect that (and not an imaginary apple tree). Remember, you don't have to live near farmlands or an orchard to see bees in action! If you are having difficulties getting started, check out the suggestions below and don't bee afraid to ask for help! 
 Okay, Okay. I'm done... for now.

Short Story Idea
You are a drone bee who is pretending to be a worker bee. For the first time ever, you are spending a day working the nearby land.  

Timeline Idea
Create an hourly schedule of what a worker bee could be doing in your backyard. Do bees take lunch breaks? 

Poster Idea 
During your observations of your neighborhood, did you see wildflowers or a beautiful flower bed? Create a poster that shows a bee collecting nectar from the flowering plants you've seen. 

 **Participating in independent activities between meetings helps reinforce what members are learning, allows the kids to take ownership of the project, and offers diverse perspectives at meetings. At the next meeting, everyone will begin collecting their work in a project journal. Those who complete all of the individual activities will receive special recognition at the end of the project.

Photo: AsapScience
During our September meeting, we learned that this project falls under the 4-H category of Entomology (the study of insects) and Beekeeping. While we will be focusing on honey bees, we will not actually be beekeeping during the 2015-2016 4-H year. After all, it doesn't make much sense to start working with bees before we learn about them!  
We practiced the 4-H Pledge and discussed what it means. We also applied parts of it to our project. For instance, pledging our hearts to greater loyalty, could mean being committed to our 4-H project and being someone that other club members can count on! 
We watched and discussed a BrianPOP video on honey bees and also this AsapScience Video. We will watch these videos and others throughout the project. Feel free to check them out again and again.  This image was a hysterical hit with everyone. It's sure to elicit some interesting conversations about our dependency on honey bees! 

HOORAY for a wonderful first meeting!