Never Stop Learning!

I want to learn screen printing! 

I first learned screen printing techniques in high school and really loved it. Unfortunately, I haven't really done anything since. I received a screen printing kit for Christmas last year and have yet to make time to use it. It sits on a shelf gathering dust because I always have something more important to do. Also, I wonder how many YouTube videos I'll have to watch in order to use it properly.

As a homeschooler, I'm always practicing a plethora of skills and learning new things. Of course, all this brain food usually revolves around the learning needs of my primary student. As the new homeschool year begins, I am making a commitment to learn things just for me and I'm starting with screen printing!

What "grown folk" things do you want to learn?
Photo: Five in One Social Club, Wine Bottle Wednesdays

I signed up for a workshop at Five in One Social Club. Located on Broad Avenue in Memphis, Five in One Social Club is a self-described "Kindergarten for Grown Folks."  I love browsing the goods from local artists and crafts people that are sold in their storefront and now I'm ready to be a student! I'm so excited! Maybe next I can find someone to teach me how to reupholster furniture.

Check out Five in One's workshop calendar here.  

...And send me a message if you know where I can learn upholstery skills!

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