Lesson Learned | 2

This week in outlearning: A roundup of some our learning experiences 

  • Review subtraction with regrouping, using numbers up to 100,000,000 
  • Use outlines to organize and improve expository writing.
  • Introduction to 4-H
  • Practice organizing information by date, including presidential birthdays
  • Roller skating (again) 
  • Read expository nonfiction to learn about text features like headings, illustrations, etc.
  • Explore Wolf River Greenway
  • The science of boogers and Fibonacci numbers (free choice, as you might've guessed)

We also added Hermione to our menagerie -- A new friend for Hermes!  

We're still working on the classification.

Happy Birthday to Presidents Clinton & Harrison!

Photo: BrianPOP

Friends from the start!

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