Lesson Learned | 3

This week in outlearning: A roundup of some our learning experiences
  • Outline and organize information from expository nonfiction reading
  • Service Project: Toiletry bags for St. Mary's Soup Kitchen
  • Explore the differences between plant and animal cells
  • Understand place values in money- tenths & hundredths
  • BrainPOP: Art Concepts 
  • Create collage art for Delta Fair Art Contest
  • Properties of multiplication

At the library
A really awesome video from Crash Course

Plant Cell Diagram

Fast Facts Poster
I challenged myself to accept our artistic differences.
Sometimes you have to clean our the pencil sharpener.
We also learned that smart girls can play in a pink tree house!


Lesson Learned | 2

This week in outlearning: A roundup of some our learning experiences 

  • Review subtraction with regrouping, using numbers up to 100,000,000 
  • Use outlines to organize and improve expository writing.
  • Introduction to 4-H
  • Practice organizing information by date, including presidential birthdays
  • Roller skating (again) 
  • Read expository nonfiction to learn about text features like headings, illustrations, etc.
  • Explore Wolf River Greenway
  • The science of boogers and Fibonacci numbers (free choice, as you might've guessed)

We also added Hermione to our menagerie -- A new friend for Hermes!  

We're still working on the classification.

Happy Birthday to Presidents Clinton & Harrison!

Photo: BrianPOP

Friends from the start!


Lesson Learned | 1

This week in outlearning: A roundup of some our learning experiences 
  • Review place value for multi-digit whole numbers, comparing numbers up to 100,000,000 
  • Practice writing,  using reasons and information to support an opinion 
  • Roller skating and swimming with friends
  • Explore Meeman-Shelby Forest, identifying and classifying local wildlife 
  • Read realistic fiction, emphasizing story sequence and summary of events 
  • Identify reasons and evidence a speaker uses to support points
Opinion piece: My Little Tree Frog



Write, Type, Blog: My Little Tree Frog

This week we explored types of texts and purposes for writing. More specifically, we worked on using reasons and information to write an opinion piece. Though it may not be scientifically accurate and getting her to write (and worse, type!) was no small feat, I'm quite satisfied with the direction this is going. She chose to write about our newly morphed tree froglet, that we brought home from our trip to Missouri.  A little bit of writing, a little bit of typing, a little bit of blogging- a lot of work for my 9 year old!

My Little Tree Frog
Google Images: Green tree froglet
I have a tree frog. His name is Georgie. I found him as a tadpole in Van Buren, Missouri. There are three different kinds of tree frogs that live in Missouri. He could be a Gray tree frog, Green tree frog, or Cope's tree frog. My guess is he's a Cope's tree frog.

Google Images: Gray tree froglet
Georgie could be a Green tree frog if he had golden spots on his back. However, his back is dark green. He could be a Gray tree frog if he had  orange coloring under his hind legs, but his hind legs are grayish green. I don't think Georgie is a Green tree frog or a Gray tree frog. 
Google Images: Cope's gray tree froglet

 After looking at photos of Cope's tree froglets, I think that Georgie looks very similar. He is the same color green and has a black stripe on his upper lip. I believe Georgie is a Cope's tree frog, but I'll have to wait for him to grow to be certain.  



Never Stop Learning!

I want to learn screen printing! 

I first learned screen printing techniques in high school and really loved it. Unfortunately, I haven't really done anything since. I received a screen printing kit for Christmas last year and have yet to make time to use it. It sits on a shelf gathering dust because I always have something more important to do. Also, I wonder how many YouTube videos I'll have to watch in order to use it properly.

As a homeschooler, I'm always practicing a plethora of skills and learning new things. Of course, all this brain food usually revolves around the learning needs of my primary student. As the new homeschool year begins, I am making a commitment to learn things just for me and I'm starting with screen printing!

What "grown folk" things do you want to learn?
Photo: Five in One Social Club, Wine Bottle Wednesdays

I signed up for a workshop at Five in One Social Club. Located on Broad Avenue in Memphis, Five in One Social Club is a self-described "Kindergarten for Grown Folks."  I love browsing the goods from local artists and crafts people that are sold in their storefront and now I'm ready to be a student! I'm so excited! Maybe next I can find someone to teach me how to reupholster furniture.

Check out Five in One's workshop calendar here.  

...And send me a message if you know where I can learn upholstery skills!

4-H Entomology / Beekeeping Project


Learn how bees pollinate food crops and identify the parts of a flower.

Analyze our food choices and our dependency on honey bee pollination.

Consider how honey bees might be hard at work in your neighborhood.

Discover byproducts of pollination and how we consume them.

Evaluate the anatomy of the honey bee.

Explore the taxonomy of bees and other living organisms.
Examine the life cycle of honey bees.

Illustrate ways we can help honey bees thrive and survive.