Santa's Secrets

We ran into these guys today, when we dropped off toys for Porter-Leath. We've heard that Santa's reindeer will only fly on Christmas Eve, which explains why this one stays in his containment area. Flying around Union Avenue would cause quite a commotion anyway! 

We were still a little skeptical about the abilities of this reindeer, as we were warned not to get too close. Perhaps, he is an alternate reindeer "helper"? You know, like the various Santas we see around town. We plan to further investigate the Rangifer tarandus. Our local library is a little lacking in this area, but Amazon Kindle Unlimited has a lot of selections. Time for a free trial!

We got a chance to have a little chat with the jolly old elf himself. No luck with details about the taxonomy of flying caribou. However, Santa did disclose (and I hope it's okay to share this) that he no longer enters homes through chimneys. Turns out, he was advised by the EPA that too many chimneys are just too dangerous these days. Wood smoke can not only pollute the air, but also impact our heath (and Santa's)!    Are reindeer and caribou the same thing?

The EPA's Burn Wise program has a lot of good information on how to prepare wood for burning in fireplaces and updating or replacing old wood stoves, including this plan for building a wood shed.  

This PSA has been brought to you by Peachy Skeen... and Santa Claus.

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