Read it! Dia de los Muertos

Throughout the month of October we learned about El Dia de los Muertos and observed Hispanic Heritage Month, connecting what we know about harvest time to the lives of Hispanic activists Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta.

Here is a list of the books we read. You can find many of these books at the library. Some of them are available in paperback from Scholastic Reading Clubs and most of them are available in one form or another on Amazon.

Festival of Bones (San Vicente, 2002)
Fiction | Level 4.3

Nonfiction | Level  5.4

Day of the Dead (Lowery, 2004)
Nonfiction | Level  3.7

Nonfiction | Level  2.3

Nonfiction | Leve l 5.8

 The Dead Family Diaz (Bracegirdle, 2012)
Fiction | Level 3.3

Bones (Jenkins, 2010)
Nonfiction | Level  5.6

Nonfiction | Level  5.6

NonFiction | Level 4.2

Nonfiction | Level 4.3

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