An Eye-Opening Experience

At our annual eye appointment, the doctor asked if we needed a note for school. I replied, "No, we're homeschoolers, but I'd love to take a few pictures that we can use for learning more about the human eye."
And just like that we were in Ophthalmology 101.

Subscription required, but some videos are free.
We looked at detailed images of JK's retina. The doctor pointed out different parts of the eye, providing explanations of how they work. We learned about how the doctor uses refraction to determine if a patient needs eyeglasses and what his or her prescription would be.

When we returned home, we put aside the next chapter of Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and we surfed the web for more lessons on the human eye. Of course there is a BrainPOP on the subject! And this is our favorite book about the human body.

We also found a really great resource for further exploring what we learned at the doctor's office. Check it out here.

The Crayola website has a printable Human Eye coloring page that looks pretty cool too! JK opted for drawing her own diagram- equally cool!

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