The Logistics of Losing a Tooth

It finally happened! After what seemed like years of all her friends losing their teeth, the snaggletoothed smiles of her peers will no longer torment her. My seven (and a half) year old finally lost a tooth! I have to mention the half.
We've long been prepared for this special moment. In fact, Santa brought the sweetest little tooth pillow... Christmas before last! I have it on good authority that the same cute pillow can be found HERE.
I polled my friends to find out what the Tooth Fairy is offering for teeth these days. When I was a kid, it was one dollar per tooth. Considering inflation and the current median tooth fairy bounty, the Hubs and I estimated fair market value for teeth to be about five dollars per tooth. It was Hubs that insisted that the prudent pixie leave payment in the form of five golden dollar coins.
It was important to me to capture this rite of passage. Admittedly, I searched for ideas on "lost tooth photo sessions." To my surprise, I came up with very little. Even if only using my iPhone, I really just wanted to be sure to document that sweet, little smile that is about to be forever changed.
Speaking of iPhone photography... I took this photo session as an opportunity to try fun photo apps. Several friends have asked me about the program I used to fluff these basic phone photos. I'll tell you truly, it wasn't a cakewalk. I used a combination of several apps to get my end product. It was worth it though. I think they turned out pretty cute! These photos were styled using Snapeee, Insta Text, and PicFrame. Since then, I've discovered my absolute favorite photo app, Rhonna Designs. It's SO worth two bucks!

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