Elf Antics

I gave in this year and bought one of the over-priced Elf on the Shelf kits. I opted for the dark skin, brown-eyed elf, though I'm not sure the manufacturer's version of "dark skin" is very authentic. When he arrived, I jazzed up his boring little ensemble as a way to explain away any other elves we may see in the store. Though I don't plan to outright lie to her, I thought it might be easier for my child to imagine her elf is "real" if he is different from the mass-produced stack we see at Target or Hallmark. As part of the bigger plan, perhaps next Christmas Santa will assign a different elf... provided her imagination is still willing and able to believe in a magical Christmas elf. Fingers crossed!

I'm not a fan of the story that comes with the elves, so I ditched it for my own little note from our ethnically diverse elf, Fernando. Okay, so this probably falls into the category of LIE. [Gasp!] But, Fernando's entrance into our holiday has been fun and exciting for the whole family...so far, no regrets!
Janie Kathryn first found Fernando after visiting Santa at our local mall. We always visit Santa during the first few days of December to lock in those Christmas wishes! When we returned, Fernando was there with a special note for JK.  Note the rule about not leaving the house. This is key to keeping Fernando from going to go to school!

After his first night at the house, we awoke to this mess in the playroom. One might think this is a counterproductive tradition. However, my child made her bed, thinking that Fernando was lost in the sheets. (This trick only works once.) She also cleaned up after the sneaky little elf and learned how to create her own snowflakes. Success!

The next night, it seems that Fernando opened one of Janie Kathryn's gifts. He got himself into a little trouble too! Bright and early, Janie Kathryn found him and woke me up to tell me how Fernando DID NOT stay out of trouble! I think this is going to be even more fun than I anticipated! 

Setting up house at Barbie's.

  Coloring a picture.

 Couch fort party!
 The one night that he actually stayed on the shelf.
 He wrote out the weekly spelling words, adding a few of his own.

Fashion show or all male review?

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