When life gives you lemons, make teddy bears!

Janie Kathryn begged and begged to build a lemonade stand this past spring and Easter weekend we honored her request. It was a fun family project. After a successful first sale that benefited the Mid-South Food Bank, we decided to give it another whirl.

Once again we spread the word on facebook and started baking muffins, a fitting snack for a morning cup of lemonade. So many of our friends and family went out of their way to pass by and make a purchase. Many even made donations to Janie Kathryn's worthy cause. She specifically requested to spend her money on "toys for children." So, I guided her good intentions toward the teddy bear wall at The Memphis Child Advocacy Center.

After a quick three and a half hours, we sold out of lemonade and called it a day, with $134.50 in revenue. We packed up our leftover muffins and delivered them to Fire Station #21 and headed over to Build-A-Bear Workshop.

We arrived at Build-A-Bear and carefully selected eight bears  for Janie Kathryn to "build". Each bear was stuffed with a red satin heart before Janie Kathryn filled it with stuffing. Of course, we had to hug each one of them to make sure they were just snuggly enough. Once she gave all eight bears an air bath (to remove lint and loose fur) we headed to the cash wrap, where she paid all by herself.

We left Build-A-Bear with two huge, bear-filled bags and headed straight to The Child Advocacy Center (CAC). The mission of the CAC is to serve children who are victims of sexual and severe physical abuse through prevention, education and intervention. Simply put and in six year old terms, the CAC is a safe place for kids who might be hurt or scared and in need of an adult that will help them feel safe. The teddy bear wall is stuffed with lots of cuddly bears that offer young visitors a little comfort and security.

"Sexual abuse of children occurs in every class, race, religion, neighborhood, cultural and ethnic group." The CAC believes that child abuse is a community problem and no single agency has what it takes to provide assistance to abused children and their families.The organization was one of the first child advocacy centers to house child protection and investigative agencies under one roof. And under that roof employees and volunteers are hard at work promoting the vision of a community where children are safe and families are strong.
The Memphis Child Advocacy Center is such a worthy cause. It was such a pleasure to meet Executive Director, Nancy Williams and Donor Relations Specialist, Deirdre Oglesby. These ladies were kind enough to tell us about how volunteers make an impact in the lives of Memphis children. It turns out it's not just Teddy Bears you can donate. Check out these other ways to donate or volunteer for the CAC!

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  1. Everyone at the CAC is so impressed by your giving spirit and your lemonade selling accomplishments! I didn't get to meet you, Janie, but I want to contact your mom about putting your story in our newsletter.
    Take care!

    Su at Memphis CAC.