Lemonade Stand

For months, Janie Kathryn has been begging to have a lemonade stand. She made her own 6-year-old attempt with a cardboard box, to no avail. So, I promised her that we'd build one over the Easter weekend, using materials we already have around the house.

After digging through the shed, we found this gem from years past. It used to a microwave stand. Who knew it could double as a fabulous lemonade stand in its second life? Once I found this forgotten treasure, I hatched a plan and handed off the hard work to engineering, more commonly known as my husband, Jorma...AKA Daddy.

We purchased yellow paint and two L-brackets for $8.00. I painted and then put Daddy to work, adding a shelf to the back of the stand (that would soon be the front of the stand).

While Daddy was busy with drill, Janie Kathryn and I painted the sign. We used wood from a never-built sandbox that came with our swing set. It was the perfect size and already stained!

I was a little concerned about how to make pretty (legible) letters and decided on tracing with a twist. I printed the letters, placing the paper on top of the wood and tracing with a sturdy pencil. VoilĂ ! A faint imprint that allows for a pretty L-E-M-O-N-A-D-E!

To save money on spray paint, as well as give my spraying finger a reprieve, I scrounged up some leftover contact paper...leftover from wallpapering the kitchen of Janie Kathryn's dollhouse. I was really pleased with the color scheme! I added a sweet little pom-pom trim, a leftover from sprucing up a lamp in JK's bedroom. The only thing left to do is wait for the Easter Bunny and hope he would bring all the appropriate accouterments for a successful lemonade stand. Good ole EB didn't disappoint!

Lemonade & Peanut Butter

Meet Team Skeen. Creative, that's me! Engineering- my darling drill-wielding husband. And Sales, the little munchkin that dreamed up this whole project...

Once we finished construction on our newly re-purposed lemonade stand, I immediately started working with Janie Kathryn on a strategy to attract customers. She thought it was a good idea to add cookies to the menu. After all, Daddy did add that nifty shelf to the stand. I proposed that Janie Kathryn choose a worthy cause to which we could donate a portion of the proceeds. The Easter Bunny did just lavish her with gifts. Her basket overfloweth, why not pay it forward. So, after careful consideration we landed on the Mid-South Food Bank.

The plan was developed. It was time to move on to marketing. What better way to get the word out than to spread it on facebook? Turns out a sweet little girl's entrepreneurial endeavor and a worthy cause motivate a lot of friends (and a few strangers) to brave the rush hour traffic to buy a cup of lemonade.
The end result was about $117 in sales and donations. Not too shabby for a little lemonade stand. I asked Janie Kathryn how much she thought she should keep. "Ten dollars." Team Skeen was good with that. We also put $15 away to buy more supplies for the next sale. Business lesson #1: You can't always depend on the Easter Bunny to provide your business needs.
Did you know that for every $1 that is donated to the Food Bank, they are able to purchase $4 worth of groceries? This adventure taught us a lot! We were able to tour the Food Bank, thanks to Marcia Wells, who kindly took time to show us around. We presented our modest, yet hard-earned check to the President and CEO, Estella Mayhue-Greer. We learned that the Food Bank's Food For Kids Backpack Program provides food for children in our community that do not have enough to eat. We discovered that peanut butter is a hot commodity. The shelf was bare.

Will we do this again? Absolutely! Keep an out for our next facebook event notice! Perhaps, there's a peanut butter drive in our future.