Rite of Passage

We've initiated one of the most coveted traditions in all of childhood- the sleepover. That's right! Friday, January 13, 2012 was the first sleepover at The Skeen House. Would I have picked a different date, had I known it was Friday the 13th? Probably, but it all turned out just peachy anyway.

We left school, with friend in tow, and headed straight to Muddy's Bake Shop. You can't have a sleepover without a sweet treat! Once at home, the girls changed clothes about seven times. Sequined cheerleaders, gossamer queens- I believe there was a hula skirt in there somewhere. The girls settled on jeans before we went to Memphis Pizza Cafe for dinner. It was on the way that I was schooled on the difference between skinny jeans and pajama jeans.
Do you know the difference?

Sure, we could've ordered pizza and stayed at home. But that would take them 10 minutes, leaving me an additional lot of time to ensure they are getting along and entertained. It was during dinner that our sleepover friend informed us that she had to leave her last sleepover because she missed her mom. Uh-oh. After the girls packed away half of a cheese pizza, killing an hour or so of sleepover time, we headed back home. The girls serenaded us with their version of the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Because I know you are wondering, I want to state for the record: 1) Janie Kathryn learned this song in gym class, not at home. 2) No, she has never seen the music video. With that said, it is actually pretty entertaining to hear two six year old girls sing this song.

Once home, the girls changed clothes about 7 more times before they settled down to watch a pre-bedtime movie- Barbie as Rapunzel (Janie Kathryn's 100th time watching it). Nine o'clock came and went with under-cover-giggles aplenty. Nine-thirty came and went and the bedtime music had to go with it. Apparently, Janie Kathryn's Beach Boys bedtime genius mix reminded our guest of her mom. Mom has good taste. As ten o'clock approached, I was invited into the slumber fun. Well, no slumbering, but fun all the same. Five minutes later, both girls were sleeping like babies, which they did until 6:30AM.

So, we made it through the night! No fights, no tears, no going home. In the morning the girls did a decent job of playing quietly, while Jorma and I tried to sleep a little later. There was a short time where they thought they would pretend to be in a band. I put the kabash on that rather quickly. To bid farewell to our sleepover friend, we went to Gibson's Donuts- a final touch for a fun first sleepover!

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