A Teacherrific Christmas

The best part about being a teacher at Christmastime is V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. Perhaps, the second best thing about being a teacher at Christmastime is the bounty of gifts exchanged during the days leading up to the holiday break. Okay, so I'm not a teacher yet, but I do work in 8 different classrooms with a total of 123 students.

I wanted to give my students a little Christmas treat, but needed to by mindful of my budget. Shopping or crafting, as it was, for 123 kids can be pretty costly! I got a jump start on this project, trolling the clearance page at Oriental Trading in September. That's right, September. I found some really cute snowflake buttons and star stickers. On their own, neither was particularly special. However, they were deeply discounted and together I thought they had gift-worthy potential.

More recently, I purchased coordinating candy canes, which turned out to be the most expensive piece of my gift (especially if you consider the ratio of broken canes). A couple of packages of clear treat bags and a few pieces of festive paper and I had some cute little gifts, if I do say so myself.

I know "it is more blessed to give than to receive," but I think both acts are equally fun! And I was certainly on the receiving end of some delightful holiday gifts this year. One of which really warmed my heart. One of my third grade students was concerned that since I do not have my own class, I wouldn't receive any gifts. So, she made me a Christmas ornament.  
One day, when I am a teacher and have many classes under my belt, I suspect I will have an entire Christmas tree dedicated to the ornaments given to me by my students. And I will always remember that it started with this one glittery red ball with black polka dots, given to me by a sweet student, when I was still a student myself.

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