Teacher Gifts

 I work very closely with eight awesome teachers. Naturally, I want to present them with a little happy for Christmas. So, I asked myself what would I want? Since iPads for everyone isn't in the budget, I changed the question. What do I need?

Not surprisingly, throughout the school day, there are several things I need and never seem to have at hand. Emery boards! At least once a week, I wish I had a nail file at my desk. And then, there are those crazy mornings, tantrums abound, when nothing goes smoothly. I never know if it is the five-year-old, bad hair-day tantrum or the thirty-something, my clothes-don't-fit tantrum, but it all results in the same mid-morning realization. I forgot to put on deodorant! So, I decided to go for equal parts practical and resourceful, with a dash of humor, and create emergency kits for my teacher friends.

Diet Coke for a caffeine fix. Deodorant for crazy, forgetful mornings. Sanitizer to battle the kid germs. Emery boards for snags and chipped nails. Tissues for when a student says there's a bat in the cave. Chap-Ice for dry lips. Certs for bad breath (also called out by said student). Band-aids for when you can't get to the nurse's office. Nail polish for a run in your pantyhose (circa 1988). Chocolate for when the mood calls for it. Assorted pins for MacGyver-ing just about anything!
And this is when my hoarding pays off. 
This girl never throws out an egg carton, paper towel roll, bottle cap, or coffee can!

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  1. Fabulous! What a wonderful idea- I need one for my desk at work