The Cupcake Mom

I've been waiting to debut my new blog, until I had a post worthy of all the effort that went into my peachy design. Thanks to my dear Scott Moss for hosting my domain name. Could there be a better topic than baking, more specifically baking for the cookie swap at school

3 dozen petit fours, 
6 dozen mint chocolate chip cookies, 
5 dozen turtle cookies, 
6 dozen cran-rosemary rounds with orange glaze, 
and 5 dozen Mexican brownies with cream cheese frosting
- for a grand total of 300 yummies!

It's true, I love to bake. I can spend hours (6 today) in the kitchen, listening to music and making a huge mess that eventually looks like this (minus the ugly ones that Jorma and Janie Kathryn get to eat). I was thinking about the origins of my beloved pastime today.  
I wasn't always fond of the kitchen.  

When I was growing up, I remember being so envious of my friends who brought cupcakes to the class parties because their moms would walk them into class. It was an unfortunate disaster to send a child to school on the bus with cupcakes. Those cupcakes looked so delicious and I could just picture the mom happily baking them. I so wished I was assigned cupcakes to bring to the party and that my mom would have to tie on an apron and crank out a few dozen sprinkled confections. Alas, I was always assigned something like soda. Yep, that's right. We drank soda at school parties in the 1980's.

From the second I found out I was going to be a mother, I knew I wanted to be a cupcake mom. Bake sales, birthday celebrations, school parties- I was going to bring the prettiest, sprinkliest, yummiest baked goods anyone had ever eaten! Okay, so I'm no Cake Boss, but I sure do try and I have so much fun. It makes me wonder...
25 years from now, what will Janie Kathryn say she envied about her classmates? 

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