Back to School, School, and School!

And so it is- the unofficial end of summer! Oh no, do I keep the blog? Change the name? Hmmm. Jorma spent the last day of summer vacation waiting around the house for the AC repair man. Goodbye 85° indoor temperature, hello new and expensive air conditioning unit! At least we're going back to school, school, and school in a cool way.

This school year, Janie Kathryn and I both started new adventures. Janie Kathryn is an official Kindergartner. Not pre, not junior, but a larger than life SENIOR kindergartner. And believe me, she won't let you leave off the senior part. 
On the very same day that she entered the world of state-mandated educational practices, I entered the second part of my degree program- Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Before I know it, I will be part of the state-mandated institution of education. In fact, an opportunity came a little sooner than I expected.

Not only are Janie Kathryn and I entering new learning routines, I am also beginning  my first job in education. I'm an official educator! After spending some time volunteering for the the lower school teachers at Janie Kathryn's school, I was offered a part time position as the Lower School Teaching Assistant! I will be working with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades! I don't think I have ever been so excited to start a new job!

Back to school (Kindergarten), school (Bachelor's Program), and school (new job)! Whew. Janie Kathryn had a fabulous first day. Her teacher told me that she helped make the new students feel comfortable in the classroom. And I enjoyed my first day at work. Tomorrow I will meet my students- all 125 of them!  Farewell Summer.

Now, it's time to download a syllabus and figure out what's to become of my blog...

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