Were the 90's really that long ago?

This week I left Jorma and Janie Kathryn to join my oldest friends, who happen to be my cousins, for a girls' weekend in Atlanta. Judging from the leftovers in the fridge when I returned, Jorma's mom kept them fed while I was gone. (Full disclosure: Jorma does more than half the cooking when I am not gone.)
It's always nice to reconnect with close friends, especially when close friends are also family. With these gals, I don't have to excuse my neuroses. They understand my need to be the last person on the escalator. They think it's perfectly normal (for me) to plan Janie Kathryn's birthday party 6 months in advance and Jorma's 40th birthday 8 years in advance. And most importantly, no matter how it dates us, we all openly share a love for music from the late 90's.  

"At home, drawing pictures of mountaintops..."
Girls' Weekend is awesome- amplified by the fact that it can be broadcasted on facebook to prove that our lives are every bit as interesting as yours. [insert smiley face icon here]

It's a bittersweet thing to be away from my loves- my wonderful family who so affectionately cared for my stray kitty and welcomed me back with open arms (clean dishes, made beds, and a fresh pot of coffee). What more could a girl want?  Perhaps a 2012 Girls' Weekend.

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