Perfunctory Photos to Picture Perfection

Oh man, oh my, oh me, there are a lot of photos taken by this family! And let's get this straight- It's not just that I take a lot of pictures. It's also that there always seems to be no less than 4 cameras directed in the general direction of my offspring. 
Digital Age= Opportunity & Affordability= Photos of Everything 

Do you think there exists a photo of the volcano I made in 
Mr. Lippiatt's class, my fifth grade year? I think not. 
And what about the time I was riding my bike and a horsefly was taunting me...Do you think there are any photos of the resulting crash when the handlebars of my bicycle twisted and turned with the rest of me? Noooooooo. 
May 22, 2010

Consequently, is it weird that I have these photos of Janie Kathryn? I mean, she was really proud of that wound, when she finally stopped screaming. For the record, this photo tells more than the story of her first skinned knee. It also reminds me of that bear, Pinky, which Janie Kathryn so loved, and on which I had to sew a pink cotton ball tail. Pinky was a boy, like most of Janie Kathryn's pink loveys. (However, Pinky is more gray than pink these days). Besides being weirdly nostalgic...what would you do with all the photos!? I try, very diligently I might add, to keep our memories organized and appropriately chronicled. 

It's not as easy as it sounds. I've been stressing out all week about using my photo book Groupons that are about to expire. I stayed up all night, one night last week, to complete an entire book! I needed to get it done before we left for our annual Independence Day weekend in Van Buren, Missouri...where there were no shortage of photos taken. 
Oh man, oh my, oh me. What will I do with all these photos? Does anyone order 4x6 photos anymore or do these pictures only exist on facebook? And if they only exist on facebook, where will they be in 25 years? 

I guess, I should get back to my to finishing my photo journal!

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