Oh Baby!

This post departs a little from our summer adventures, it's just that I know so many people that are pregnant this summer. The baby shower invitations are plentiful! Now, I'm not complaining. I enjoy a good baby shower. I get to buy the wittle, itty-bitty, cuteness that my child has outgrown. I participate in the cutesy little games- the appropriate ones, anyway. Ask me to smell a "soiled" diaper and identify the odor and I'm out! But my favorite thing about baby showers is when guests are asked to impart advice to a new mother.

There's nothing like getting a room full of women together and giving them permission to offer advice. I often find that the advice from the people who do not have children is the most entertaining. For instance, I was recently at a baby shower... the mother-to-be was showing off her new and pristine burp cloths, when someone asked, "what are those for?" Obviously, the question came from a person who has not been around babies. I explained, "They're burp cloths, they help catch all the stuff that comes out of baby, like when she spits up." To this explanation another non-mom replies, "Oh, that [spit up] doesn't happen if you do it right."  Touche, Oh wise one. Please go on... do diapers never leak either?

FYI: If you ever want to find out what you did wrong (err, should I say what others do right?) from pregnancy to birth to kindergarten, go to a baby shower! And let me just tell you- A mother has no harsher critic than another mother.

My words of advice to new mothers...
If you are constantly second-guessing your parenting decisions, don't worry, everyone else is second-guessing your decisions too! Just  know that there is no right way. There is just your way.

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