Camp Miki

So, Janie Kathryn and I had some friends tagging along on our summer adventures this past week. If asked in advance how I felt about being responsible for three kids, I would have said, "No problem, I'm happy to help." Meanwhile, the voice inside my head would be screaming, "ARE YOU CRAZY!?"

Surprisingly, our back to back play dates went off without a hitch. Yes, there were a few of the usual tattles and an occasional frustrated shove (among the children, of course). However, we spent nearly a collective week together without incident. There was swimming and bowling and playing and picnicking. It was a veritable Camp Miki, at the very least rejuvenating my dedication to a fun and educational summer. 

When things went back to normal and, once again, it was just me and my not-so lonely only, we had a renewed energy for summer vacation.

We enjoyed crafting a gift for Father's Day and preparing a delicious breakfast of French Toast with Gingered Applesauce for Daddy. We spent time with dear friends, picking blueberries at The Nesbit Blueberry Plantation (breakfasts for the coming week will include blueberry muffins and pancakes, for sure!).

We even brushed off the dust on the ol' library card and joined Summer Reading Club. I mean, how can you go wrong with rewards for reading? 

Ah, a renewed energy for the summer- an important component, when there are still SEVEN weeks of summer vacation remaining. Perhaps, I should further explore this "Camp Miki" idea. Maybe the challenge of summer fun for a small group is just what I need to prepare myself for a career in teaching. Of course, I may need to revisit the whole minivan issue again, if I'm going to be busing a half dozen half-pints from one spectacular place to another. 

Now enrolling, Camp Miki: Session II

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